Nill PhotoFX - Photoshop effects

Nill PhotoFX are set of effects which help you with everyday image post-processing:
Skin smoothing, HDR details, Softening, Fine details sharpening, Canvas expand

Each effect is provided with a videotutorial showing how to fully utilize its possibilities. Videotutorials are in a similar form as the video below, but more informative and detailed.

Nill PhotoFX Photoshop effects are in the form of Photoshop actions. What are the actions good for?

HDR detail effect Original image

HDR Detail

This Photoshop effect boosts details of the photo. It gives more natural results than HDR toning function in Photoshop.
It can be well combined with other effects.

There are lot of ways of adjusting HDR detail effect (changing HDR tonality of each color), all is shown in the videotutorial provided with this effect.

Bigger sample photos

Skin smoothing effect Original image

Skin smoothing

The Skin smoothing effect produces a nicely smoothed skin and at the same time preserves a natural structure of the skin.

It creates layers with separated smoothing and skin structure, so you can adjust it manually to perfection. All is shown in the videotutorial provided with this effect.
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Softening effect Original image


The Softening effect adds a little of dreamy atmosphere and light to your photos. It creates softened colours and details, it is especially good to soften HDR photos with too strong details.

You can choose from two kinds of softening - light and dark. Usage of the effect is shown in the provided videotutorial. Bigger sample photos

Fine details sharpen

The Effect respects character of a photo and sharpens it selectively. It improves sharpness of fine details but doesn't sharpen noise and prevent contrast lines and details to be oversharpened.

The Effect has two versions: one standard and the second one which firstly downsize the photo to demanded resolusion (for web or TV screen) and then it sharpens photo details. You can manually adjust the result to perfection, all is shown in the videotutorial.

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Canvas expand

There is one problem with printing a photo on canvas, it looks better when edges of canvas are printed too, but it takes part of your photo - usually one inch (2.5 cm) from each side.

This effects will expand your photo, and expaneded edges will be used to cover edges of canvas. You can specify a size of canvas and a size of expansion, all is shown in videotutorial provided with this effect. Even how to easily retouch tiny flaws in expanded edges.

You can choose from two methods of broadening your photo and the effect can be used in even more creative way, see the samples.
Bigger sample photos


Roman - thanks again - I'm delighted with your photoshop effects. I've been playing with your Pshop effects all evening, with very minimal knowledge of photoshop, within ten minutes I look like an expert!
Bill Hunt

WOW - Paid, Downloaded, Actioned my pics and they are TOTALLY AWESOME!! Thanks Heaps for the easy to read instructions and fantastic Actions.

Get 3 bonus effects NOW!
Purchase Nill PhotoFX until 31th March 2015 and you will get it with theese three effects. See bigger sample photos.

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