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Amberr Lee      2015-08-03 09:28:50

WOW!! These photos are really impressive!! Regards <a href=" Care</a> | <a href=" Path Service</a>

Nick One      2013-12-15 13:48:58

Worth every cent!

believe      2013-06-26 17:02:02

how do you get a pic.??

Believe      2013-03-25 23:29:21

You're have a good looking and inspirative pages.

WiossiN      2012-09-21 09:39:13


Paul      2012-04-14 16:54:02

Just purchased. I look forward to using your actions!

Numeroun      2012-02-25 00:35:22

Just a test

ice      2012-02-04 13:59:25

this is great!!

Meow      2012-01-15 23:44:28

shnizzie wizzie ding dong yaba doo

carl      2011-12-21 03:45:33

how did u actually do those effects, are you using photoshop if yes where on photoshop, im really interested and a great fan of your artwork, truly inspirational

Memoon      2011-12-19 01:42:10

Hi there, nice fx

Leo Leo      2011-12-13 20:54:54

Hello Roman Flössler, This is Leo Cortesini from Mexico. I found your website about Photoshop and find your work very professional. Wonder if you can help me recreating an image with a very special effect in Photoshop. I will use the finished image on a website. I can give yopu more info about the image and pay upon a quote if we agree on the price. Please lete me know, stay well. Best greetings, Leo Cortesini

Zahid      2011-11-30 16:44:57


deepam      2011-11-28 09:21:29


Rock      2011-11-24 11:39:52

Just purchase it hope u can send it already, just so excited....

Gentech      2011-11-23 06:49:24

hi,, i want to use some photoshop tricks to make my business look more attractive. I was made my mnay pictures with help of this i really impressed its very nice effort to help lot of peoples like me..

MeyoMayou      2011-10-16 16:16:10

love the vivid colours effect !

Roxanne      2011-10-08 16:23:56

Just purchased your action set. Can't wait to receive them in my email. Thanks!

Momix      2011-10-01 12:51:16

I think that your work is great and that's why I decided to buy your actions. Hopefully they will bring some magic in my pictures too! :))) All the best from London, UK

Adept Clipping Path      2011-09-16 21:29:09

Nice One. Looks Great. Thanks.

Nill      2011-09-01 09:31:29

Judi, Nill PhotoFX is in your email box

Judi      2011-09-01 04:34:31

Waiting patiently for my email to download!! Very excited.

sageru      2011-08-16 15:16:59

cara downloadnya gmana ya....???

vvvvc      2011-08-04 10:23:57


Dreamer      2011-08-01 18:31:41

Nice tutorials too.

Cap      2011-06-05 03:08:34

Wow....these work great. I'm very impressed and looking for more from Nill effects

Nill      2011-05-12 14:27:06

pcbing: ok, I am glad, you like it.

pcbing      2011-05-12 06:57:48

thanks for your fast response and everything work fine. me and my family very satisfied with your "magic". any news please contact me.

pcbing      2011-05-11 12:49:14

awesome, just like what im looking for. just paid and cant wait to try your "magic"

shabnam      2011-04-24 07:44:47

Nice, cool site!!!!

Perhaps the main goal of susta      2011-04-12 04:55:17


Wilder      2011-03-25 16:47:09


Linda      2011-03-24 00:35:36

I LOVE these actions! Thank you!

yep      2011-03-16 20:56:31

uhhh i'm writing a comment, put it up now!

Fry      2011-03-14 23:00:59

Hot or not

Nill      2011-03-14 22:42:57

moniquedp: I am really sorry for this situation, I already sent you the actions, but there had to be some problem (maybe spam filters). So I send it again right now from another email account.

moniquedp      2011-03-13 21:37:26

still waiting for program paid 4 days ago....

Mee      2011-02-15 16:22:41

wanna use it.......

jfuste      2011-02-11 09:50:14

Just using it for my gallery of pics, Vogue FX it's fantastic! And the rest as well... Thank you!

SeefaAppleRedder      2011-01-30 09:47:43

whre can i get the tutorial ?? ^^

Nill      2011-01-25 16:55:13

Rydell: there are no tutorials included with the effects. But in the actions palette in Photoshop you can see every step which effects consist of.

Rydell      2011-01-23 18:51:34

I just want to ask if I purchase this effects, I can get all the tutorials on how to make this effects? thanks

Nill      2010-12-23 02:29:45

Tina: yes, you are right

Tina      2010-12-22 15:16:10

Am I to assume these beautiful effects will be sent via email after payment?

timmycolefoto      2010-12-20 02:16:34

cool. thanks.

heheh      2010-09-21 19:06:35


thehuhman      2010-09-16 16:39:07

These actions are awesome! What a great value. Thanks Roman for providing these fantastic tools!

AYRTON360      2010-08-21 05:29:03

Nice tutorials, and cool ideas. Thanks for sharing best regards AYRTON

Leitme      2010-08-07 10:27:53

wow thing :)

JohnieGoodman      2010-08-05 16:02:35

Nechtěl jsem, ale musím.....tak jestli tyhle "efekty" jsou výsledkem dlouhé a namáhavé práce, tak Vás teda lituju. Dle mého názoru jsou tyto efekty záměrně vytvořené jako podpora prodeje (no neber to mámo ...dárek za dvacet babek....) Vašeho školení a když si je někdo koupí, tak jenom dobře.....jinak se opravdu není čím chlubit...

JohnieGoodman      2010-08-05 15:50:49

Že Vás hanba nefackuje!!!!

Baribal      2010-07-31 23:27:03

Nice ones

Nill      2010-07-31 22:39:29

Justin, I am sorry that you fell kinda played. I spent a lot of time developing and tuning each effect, put into it my long-time experience with photo post-processing. Everyone can develop own effects, but it is much easier to buy ready-made ones.

Justin      2010-07-31 11:01:29

Just bought it, I like them a lot, took me awhile to kinda figure out where to locate the Actions menu (Alt+F9 for people who don't know) But I don't think their worth the $18.80, I feel kinda played, I thought they where new filters, but their not, I feel played because I can do this stuff myself... but none the less have fun with my money, I guess ill think of it as a donation to your site.

Adam August      2010-07-24 00:56:13

I saw some better effects!

WHAZRUCKUS      2010-07-23 08:59:22


thatdarnme      2010-07-23 08:57:21

its just a few bucks for these quick and easy to use filters, it takes true talent to make these filters :)

Shante007      2010-07-23 08:55:23


Rouni      2010-07-07 12:23:36

Not something you would need.

brittanee      2010-07-07 07:50:54

why should we pay?

watafun      2010-07-04 00:12:29

system of a down is up

dvbbs      2010-05-27 07:50:45


Bob      2010-05-25 21:24:46

good job

maya      2010-04-22 02:07:01

like it

Nill      2010-04-21 08:42:17

Joe, probably it is caused by some mail error.
I send the effects again.

Joe      2010-04-21 02:23:49

Hi Nill: I follow all the instruction but appears this message... [ [ [ Could not load the actions "Nill_photoFX + bonus.atn" because an unexpected end-of- file was encountered. Thank you. I'm a mac user with PS cs4. Any help? or Sugestions? A

zAc      2010-04-12 03:37:31

i want this for free damnit!

Bag4krish      2010-03-30 21:22:07

wanna use it.......

Legalize      2010-03-29 23:21:43


wayback      2010-03-18 22:16:04

Did you ever see..

Anton      2010-02-24 12:00:34

Easy to use and Saves Time. Many Thanks.

Rorschach      2010-02-23 05:28:42

I agree. Should be free

The Man with No Name      2010-02-18 17:06:30

Looks fake-ish. Should be free.

JMo      2010-02-14 22:20:43

Sweet... if Only i had money...

karanliklar      2010-02-07 02:24:06


juan      2010-02-07 00:38:56

i buy your product yesterday and i love it, keep up the hard work

Hoty      2010-01-29 18:18:15

It looks nice!

and1      2010-01-26 04:51:21

i want to try

Smn Ps      2009-12-28 12:51:50 the first try!

Smn Ps      2009-12-28 12:37:29

I have them! i think the hdr action its better than all the hdr action i tried. i checked my credit card and everything its ok so if u really want them dont be afraid to pay i think 18 $ its a very good price, not to much and not very little. i willl come back again with a link to my work!

Smn Ps      2009-12-28 10:52:20

I hope i will recieve them. if i will i will send u a link to my work and i will tell people were i have the actions from.

Nill      2009-12-22 20:32:48

I send them within few hours, you should already have them.

tony      2009-12-22 20:12:04

Submitted payment about an hour ago where are the effects?

Nill      2009-12-14 20:05:17

TinaJNC: Thank you! Effects doesn't work in Photoshop Elements at all. It works only in "big" Photoshop CS.

TinaJNC      2009-12-13 19:30:35

Looks like a wonderful product. Am I to assume that if these will not work in Photoshop Elements 7 that they will not work in Photoshop Elements 6 ?

camera pro      2009-12-01 19:33:03

nothing special

Robin      2009-11-29 21:50:37

Hi, Roman: Love the photos, and have ordered your action files. I'm looking forward to trying out these effects! Best regards, Robin

Nill      2009-11-12 10:43:49

Dach: Yes, it works with Photoshop CS4 x64

Dach      2009-11-12 03:34:48

Will these effects work with Photoshop CS4 x64?

Edwin      2009-11-07 17:52:29

Hi... thanks for the tutorials I enjoy your works and I will learn from you. Warm regards from Indonesia...

Nill      2009-10-31 00:23:38

Victor, give paypal a chance, it is easy and safe, you can't even share your credit card - paypal account can be topped up from bank account. Google translator can translate tutorial into french for you.

Victor      2009-10-31 00:02:57

I really want to use the HDR action, but I can't... I can't pay on internet, and my level in english is too low to understand how to use the tutorial. (I'm french) I'm so disapointed....

endriu74ts      2009-10-23 05:32:09


EvolMate      2009-10-18 21:54:27

Unfair! Why isnt it free?

yotz      2009-10-15 04:43:29

owesome! ur good man! tks for sharing !

Krooks      2009-09-27 20:50:28

wow, nice !

Jeremy      2009-09-26 06:28:01

Can't believe how cool these look...Price is very reasonable for such amazing actions!!! Just Purchased.....waiting...patienly.

san      2009-09-21 00:58:00

Dear Roman, I've just purchased your effects and can't wait to get them. Exactly what I was looking for. You create amazing effects! Please create more.

Nill      2009-09-20 08:44:14

Hi Thersa, thank you. I already sent you the actions via email, but there had to be some problems - maybe spam filters (it occasionally happens). I am sorry for this situation and I already sent them to you from another email. It should work now, otherwise please let me know again.      2009-09-19 21:19:54

Hi Roman, Love your name, my son's name is Roman! I have just purchased your actions, when will I receive a link to download? Thersa

Nill      2009-09-15 09:44:16

illgo2you: ok, effects sent. Thanks for business!

illgo2you      2009-09-15 04:21:56

I payment about 45 minutes ago. is wrong email. is correct. Send me Nill PhotoFX. Sorry, (My Name is Woo Jong Kim)

Your Mom      2009-08-24 10:19:03

If you are poor then why don't you read the tutorial and do it yourself? Oh wait, by poor you meant lazy, sorry my mistake.

daniel      2009-08-24 00:08:58

why dont you give them for free? Im poor :S :D

daniel      2009-08-24 00:08:23


Grace      2009-08-16 11:25:14

very nicely done!

Nill      2009-08-14 15:06:43

They are fully tweakable, each effect produce "effect layers", you can control strength (opacity 0-100%) of each layer and get the result, you want.

Red      2009-08-14 01:55:39

These effects look good, but just wondering how tweakable they are? Are they simply on/off or can you vary the strength of them?

LeonieGIrlInTheWorld      2009-07-31 01:59:19

WOW - Paid, Downloaded, Actioned my pics and they are TOTALLY AWESOME!! Thanks Heaps for the easy to read instructions and fantastic Actions. Leonie

Nick      2009-07-28 20:52:47

just purchased the pack, really looking forward to using it!

Nill      2009-07-24 18:48:16

Kyle: No, it works only with Photoshop

Kyle      2009-07-24 17:57:52

Does this work with Gimp???

Tish      2009-07-21 00:19:22

Your work looks amazing. Can't wait to receive the actions.

Nyuszi      2009-07-07 14:14:37

The entire site awesome, great job. Best wishes!

Solow OBK      2009-07-02 04:44:29

Yeah, great work, man!

Nill      2009-06-27 09:01:38

I sent you effects, thanks for the business, Grygon

grygon      2009-06-27 07:09:44

thanks Nill, sent my payment tonight. :)

Nill      2009-06-19 02:28:14

grygon : Yes, it shouldn't be problem, educational version is normal Photoshop CS provided under different legal license.

grygon      2009-06-18 22:28:17

Will these work with CS educational version?

Nill      2009-06-05 01:00:36

denja: It works only with Photoshop

denja      2009-06-04 20:52:11

Nill - will these plugins work with PhotoPlus?

yeah baby      2009-06-02 04:34:24

shnizzie wizzie ding dong yaba doo

F*ck      2009-05-26 07:53:44


alina      2009-05-14 06:59:45

i love it more!

Nadzzzir      2009-05-12 19:07:40

i love it !!!

photo retouching      2009-05-12 08:18:17

nice set of comparisons here.

Nill      2009-04-30 11:24:07

all is in the brief instructions. I sent you an email

lol      2009-04-30 10:30:09

oh got it. where can i dl the psd files?

lol      2009-04-30 10:02:02

bought your item a couple days back and still we havent received it. im very disappointed.

Nill      2009-04-25 17:46:26

lolz: I spent a lot of time developing and tuning each effect, everyone can choose betweeen developing own effects and buying ready-made ones.

lolz      2009-04-25 05:53:07

nice way to rip people off, you can do this stuff by your self anyway

pipe      2009-03-15 09:42:46

thank you very much for the hdr effect. i don't know how to do HDRs since i'm just using photoshop for photography effects.

Surfsusan      2009-03-12 21:52:26

Cool action scripts - thanks for saving me lots of time.

Nill      2009-02-28 01:05:53

I am sorry for this situation, James. I sent the effects, but some problems with spam filter may occur. I send you the effects again from another email adress. Please contact me again, if you won't receive it even on second try.

James Quine      2009-02-28 00:09:45

Bummed out. Want to try your effects. Did the paypal thing with my partners paypal and received no software :( please send it to us asap as it looks really cool and for $10 seems well worth it. I emailed you directly. Thanks

Manwayvan      2009-01-26 04:03:51

Great Stuff Love your HDR and other effects

kalel      2009-01-11 17:22:44

great the pics

SAMBA      2008-12-05 17:32:59


Martinez      2008-11-25 23:57:01

Very good .i am amazed for the effects.!!!

Nill      2008-11-15 21:02:44

vcki: No, Photoshop 7 doesn't have some tools, which effects need.

vcki      2008-11-15 14:21:12

will these work in photoshop 7.0?

Nill      2008-10-21 18:47:02

alberto: yes, effects also work on Photoshop CS3 Extended.

alberto      2008-10-21 17:41:53

Are your effects working on Photoshop CS3 extended also? Thanks! A.

plush      2008-10-16 18:39:07

thanks for the actions there simply kick ass! brought my artistic creativity to another : a couple hours of some shooting and photochopping :) level........http://s217.photobu to the warped mind of plush

Martin      2008-09-25 12:55:21

Romane moc díky - akce jsou super a hlavně bez práce :-))) Kombinace jsou také zajímavé, tak ještě jednou díky a jdu si hrát :-))))

Martin      2008-09-22 12:41:04

Dobrý den Romane, je možné si od Vás koupit celou sadu za Kč, tady v Česku ???

Bill Hunt      2008-08-23 00:26:16

Roman - thanks again - I'm delighted with your photoshop effects. Just managed to turn a very boring photo into something much more exciting:

I've been playing with your Pshop effects all evening:

... with very minimal knowledge of photoshop, within ten minutes I look like an expert!

Nill      2008-09-01 13:12:45

Hello June, I don't have any Verisign logo on website, becouse all payments goes through Paypal, I have NO chance to see your credit card data. If you click on Buy Now button, you will be redirected to PayPal's payment gateway, and all opereations with your credit card will be done within PayPal. PayPal has Verisign certificate - it's displayed as green field in adress bar of your browser. In Internet explorer it is displayed as lock icon.

June      2008-09-01 00:25:07

sorry as i would like to buy your adobe actions but it seems that you dont have any VERISIGN logo.. sorry... Im afraid to be scammed...

Daftnation      2008-08-11 21:00:42

This effect made an awesome ferris wheel pic. Thanks..

Synergy      2008-08-03 20:44:18

I love this work...tis really Awe!! ...

J Dizzle      2008-07-23 17:43:35

This is weird

LuceafarRo      2008-07-08 17:09:14

So fucking nice :)

glu      2008-07-06 17:06:55

cool effect

Banni      2008-07-01 00:51:06


Jotemi      0000-00-00 00:00:00

Nice, thx :)

Mari      2008-06-24 08:41:48

toxic indeed!

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